How to Recognize and Address Insider Threats

insider threats featured

According to federal prosecutors with the U.S. Navy, veteran Johnathan Toebbe, alongside his wife Diana Toebbe, attempted to sell sensitive information regarding Virginia-class submarines. This wouldn’t be the first time an insider threat led to a potential leak of crucial military information, but the fact that it has happened in 2021 indicates that even in 2021, mitigating insider threats is still a vital issue. 

This news should be abundantly clear that insider threats are still a significant problem in modern cybersecurity. Here we’ll discuss what insider threats are and what you can do to reduce or mitigate the dangers of these threats for your organization. 

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The Top Cloud Security Threats in 2021

Cloud Security

As more businesses, agencies and consumers turn to online services for everything from shopping to data intelligence and even disaster response, the threats from outside attackers have been increasing exponentially year after year. Cloud providers are expanding their offerings to cover several partners across several industries, and as such, they prove to be juicy targets for hackers who want to undermine their cybersecurity efforts and steal data through sophisticated cloud security threats. 

Here, we’re covering the top 5 security threats that a cloud provider may face in 2021. While we’re only halfway through the year, it’s already turning out to be one of the most significant years on record in terms of data loss and theft. It’s up to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to understand modern threats and prepare for them with tight cybersecurity controls and compliance strategies.


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What are Insider Threats and How Does Compliance Help You Stop Them?

insider threats featured

When business professionals talk about security threats, they often talk about external threats: hackers, phishing attempts, DDoS attacks and so on. However, according to a 2020 survey, 66% of organizations consider the threat of an inside attack more likely than external ones. According to another survey by the Ponemon Institute, insider threats increased by 47% from 2018 to 2020. Additionally, the costs of these attacks increased 31% to $11.45M in 2020. 

So, what is an insider threat? Insider threats are breaches, disclosures, or theft of private and protected data by someone inside an organization. These thieves will almost invariably have authorized access to the data in question, or a way to receive that authorization either legitimately or by stealing credentials from a colleague. 

Insider threats don’t just originate from current employees, either. Many of these breaches occur when a former employee continues to have access to sensitive systems, or they communicate with an accomplice that has such access. 


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