Business Continuity Vs. Disaster Recovery: What is the Difference?

Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity

Major social, cultural and financial events can disrupt our daily lives and the flow of business. Organizations operating during COVID-19 or even the 2008 Recession faced steep challenges to how they operate. How can they, when facing crises lasting months or years effectively adjust to changing conditions and stay above water? This is where business continuity comes in.

Here, we’re going to define business continuity as an important consideration, one closely tied to compliance and security. We’re also going to differentiate it from disaster recover. While these concepts are related, they also have significant differences.

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What is Wardriving?

What is wardriving?

Wireless networks and always-on connectivity are a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, these technologies give us access to more knowledge and entertainment than ever before. We can work wherever we want, stream video and music wherever we want and have the full Internet experience at the tips of our fingers. 

On the other, however, we have a constant vulnerability to potential attacks. Fraudsters and hackers are consistently working to find new ways to break into devices, steal data and make a profit. One of these ways is a process called “wardriving”, which uses the reality of Wi-Fi hotspots to facilitate attacks. 

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What is Spear Phishing in Cybersecurity?

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According to VPN provider and Internet research group Atlas VPN, Google registered over 2 million phishing sites targeting victims in 2020 alone. Threats like phishing, spear phishing and whaling are only rising, with F5 Labs reporting that more hackers are leveraging cheap or free cloud platforms and domains to launch sophisticated attacks. More importantly, email attacks against large enterprises are rising as well to the tune of around $80M per attack.

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