IT Audit & Compliance

Lazarus Alliance Proactive IT Audit & Compliance Services. We are ready when you are!

It's an audit, not an expedition! Our competitors like to compare their services to some kind of adventure or a mountain climbing expedition, all the while running up the costs for you. We get right to the point with specific guidance and expert assessment leadership. We will save you time and money.

Lazarus Alliance is a specialized audit & compliance firm providing international value added assurance, security and compliance services; focusing on designing solutions for customers seeking to comply or in the process of becoming compliant. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service while empowering our clients to understand all elements of audit & compliance framework. We team with our clients to meet their needs and the stringent demands of their customers and vendors.

Lazarus Alliance works with all of our clients on building audit & compliance and regulatory maintenance plans that are successful through maintaining a persistent audit support approach. Handling compliance issues and maintaining the standards that Lazarus Alliance helps you achieve is an ongoing effort in order to stay current. Our approach allows our clients to have client-specified employees submit required documentation and updates at predefined intervals throughout the year.

This helps our clients maintain an audit trail of internal controls at all times and take away the last-minute hassle associated with an onsite third-party audit.

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International Impact

Lazarus Alliance has traversed the cyber-threatscape since the year 2000, and we have progressively managed all the regulatory requirements organizations have been responsible for complying with. Along the way we have helped to shape how organizations successfully navigated these audit & compliance waters. Our leadership has eased the growing pains and expense by developing sustainable and holistically applicable frameworks for success.

Lazarus Alliance Provides Audit & Compliance and Regulatory Support

Lazarus Alliance has an in-depth understanding of federal regulatory audit & compliance requirements, industry regulations, as well as the people, processes, and technologies required in order to comply with the various requirements. We support agencies in identifying gaps within their cybersecurity programs, identify compliance with reporting requirements, and develop strategies for ensuring continued compliance. We assist agencies with understanding the complete set of major applications and general support systems included within their risk inventory.  Below is our recommended  audit and compliance framework:

No more!

  • No more audit anarchy.
  • No more audit & compliance fire drills.
  • No more of those ridiculous spreadsheets!
  • No more being left in the dark by adversarial auditors and their big-whatever firms.

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We take the pain and suffering out of audit & compliance and regulatory requirements by leveraging the Continuum GRC IT Audit Machine (ITAM).

One of our newest innovations is the IT Audit Machine, which helps to eliminate about 96% of cybercrime and almost 100% of the headache of audit & compliance auditing. Take a moment to ask us about how this game-changing technology can help you and your business work smarter-not-harder and beat cyber-criminals at the same time.