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IRS 1075 Audit and Assessments; we are ready when you are! Call +1 (888) 896-7580 today.

To promote a tax system based on voluntary compliance, the public must maintain a high degree of confidence that the personal and financial information maintained by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is protected against unauthorized use, inspection, or disclosure. IRS Publication 1075 provides guidance to ensure the policies, practices, controls, and safeguards employed by recipient agencies, agents, or contractors adequately protect the confidentiality of Federal Tax Information (FTI). FTI is defined by the IRS as any return or return information received from the IRS or secondary source.

Lazarus Alliance Proactive Cyber Security® services minimize performance and operational risks with our industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective IRS 1075 focused services.

The IRS Office of Safeguards requires an Agency to undergo annual internal audits to meet the safeguarding requirements and also provide coverage for security evaluations on a continuous basis. An internal audit helps the agency understand the current security posture of the system. In addition to understanding the risks associated with the system, the agency will not be taken by surprise by the results of a safeguards review.

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Accomplish this with our industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective IRS 1075 focused services.

Just the facts ...

Publication 1075, Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State and Local Agencies and Entities, provide very detailed audit requirements. Publication 1075 documents the managerial, operational, and technical security controls that must be implemented as a condition of receipt of FTI. IRS has mapped the IRS Publication 1075 control requirements to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) control requirements (NIST SP 800-53). IRS Publication 1075 has the following key Sections:

  • Section 1.0, Introduction
  • Section 2.0, Federal Tax Information and Reviews
  • Section 3.0, Record Keeping Requirement
  • Section 4.0, Secure Storage
  • Section 5.0, Restricting Access
  • Section 6.0, Other Safeguards
  • Section 7.0, Reporting Requirements
  • Section 8.0, Disposing of FTI
  • Section 9.0, Computer System Security

Lazarus Alliance specializes in the implementation and ongoing support of IRS Publication 1075 programs that align with this IRS publication. We apply a risk-based, top-down approach that drives both efficiency and effectiveness into the programs.

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Detailed Approach to IRS Publication 1075

Lazarus Alliance’s dedicated IT, financial and operational audit professionals have experience working with a wide variety of industries of all sizes. We partner with you to assist your company in complying with the IRS Publication 1075 requirements.

Proactive not Reactive

Achieve success with the industry’s most proactive and innovative third-party assessment organization. Rely on our industry-leading Cybervisors™ who know the technical rigor and scrutiny you can expect during NIST 800-53 based assessments.

Lazarus Alliance services includes IRS 1075, FISMA and NIST controls assessments, technology reviews, Safeguards Security Report (SSR) development and automation, and vulnerability and penetration testing to provide a few examples.

Cybervisor™ Consultations

A significant differentiator you will immediately appreciate is our Proactive Cyber Security™ IRS 1075 compliance audit methodology, which take a continuous audit approach rather than the end of reporting period Audit Anarchy approach by other firms.

Lazarus Alliance Cybervisors™ assist with IRS 1075 documentation development, including Safeguards Security Report (SSR), Policies, Procedures and more.

Start to Finish in Record Time

Our proven IRS 1075 assessment approach and technology dramatically improves the completion process. We average a huge 46% reduction in the traditional assessment time due to the dedicated ITAM SaaS portal you have 24/7 access, allowing everyone to get-in-and-get-out quickly.

Start working smarter, not harder, today ...

The IRS 1075 assessment professionals at Lazarus Alliance are completely committed to you and your Agency’s IRS 1075 compliance success. We stand ready to partner with your organization.

Call us at +1 (888) 896-7580 and speak to an IRS 1075 Cybervisor™ today.

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Trust But Verify!

Many assessment organizations out their claim to be qualified to deliver the IRS 1075 Safeguards Security Report (SSR). Accreditation and authorizations to operate as an assessment provider is essential when your Agency's survival and reputation is at stake.

Lazarus Alliance is an A2LA ISO/IEC 17020 accredited organization, certification number 3822.01.

We want to be your partner and IRS 1075 compliance audit assessor of choice! For additional information, please call 1-888-896-7580.