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You need a PCI certification auditor to complete a PCI SAQ for your business. As a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, Lazarus Alliance has been approved by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) to measure an organization’s compliance to the PCI DSS audit standard. Lazarus Alliance specializes in providing our clients with scalable, efficient solutions for meeting the rigorous demands of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Our primary purpose is to help organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate compliance and information security excellence – in any jurisdiction. Lazarus Alliance specializes in IT security, risk, privacy, governance, cyberspace law and compliance leadership, solutions and is fully dedicated to global success in these disciplines.

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Just the facts ...

Cost Reductions

We work smarter, not harder, to drive down your costs by giving you access to ITAM, the industries' number one ranked PCI-ready SaaS GRC audit software solution.

We invented ITAM in real-world PCI DSS audits and through years of experience working with our clients for our clients not against them with scope-creep and annual price hikes.

Proactive not Reactive

We work with our PCI clients proactively throughout the year to help prevent threats to your PCI DSS compliance program.

With the time and expense required to remain PCI certified, you don't want to risk a compliance exposure that would drive up your costs and invalidate your valuable certification.

Start to Finish in Record Time

Our proven PCI DSS QSA assessment approach and technology dramatically improves the completion process. We average a huge 46% reduction in the traditional assessment time due to the dedicated Continuum GRC ITAM SaaS portal you have 24/7 access allowing everyone to get-in-and-get-out quickly.

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A single data breach can severely impact a company’s reputation as well as their ability to conduct business in the future. For merchants that process, store and transmit credit card information, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance (PCI DSS) has never been more important.
In order to provide comprehensive and objective information about a company’s PCI DSS compliance status, Lazarus Alliance offers a variety of assessment services.
Designed to meet the needs of every organization, regardless of size, Lazarus Alliance’s services address all PCI DSS requirements, including security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical proactive cyber security measures.

Comprehensive Services

Whether you require assistance with your Self-Assessment Questionnaire, or a full Report on Compliance, our Qualified Security Assessors will guide you through the process and help you identify compliance gaps prior to assessment in order to save you time and money.

You will immediately appreciate the Lazarus Alliance Proactive Cyber Security™ PCI DSS audit methodology.

Our team of PCI DSS audit QSA consultants delivers PCI DSS audit consulting services for merchants, service providers and acquirers alike. We work with all merchant levels from 1 and 2 organizations all the way down to level 3 and level 4 merchants. Even if you are a smaller company, not taking security seriously can have company and career ending consequences.

What to Expect Checklist

Lazarus Alliance’s PCI DSS capabilities serve all merchants and service providers. We offer PCI DSS readiness assessment, report on compliance, Cybervisor consulting, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment scanning all proactively coordinated.

Lazarus Alliance’s PCI DSS audit process initially takes just a few weeks from start to completion to baseline your organization depending on your team’s availability. We are cognizant that our clients have full time, everyday obligations in addition to dealing with auditors so we are flexible to your needs and work around your schedule to provide a quality audit and report in the time frame you desire.

A significant differentiator you will immediately appreciate is our Proactive Cyber Security™ PCI DSS audit methodology which takes a continuous audit approach rather than the end of reporting period Audit Anarchy approach by other firms. We will also utilize our proprietary IT Audit Machine technology to set you up for success. The IT Audit Machine is a full-featured and highly collaborative assessment and reporting tool only available from Lazarus Alliance.

Lazarus Alliance creates sustainable PCI DSS audit partnerships with our clients. We have a proven methodology and project plan that helps our clients achieve compliance on budget and on schedule. You will come to appreciate our Service, Integrity and Reliability which will be apparent to you from the very first call.

We want to be your partner and PCI DSS QSA audit assessor of choice. For additional information, call +1 (888) 896-7580.