What Is ISO 27017 and How Does it Inform Cloud Security?

ISO 27017 featured

As cloud computing continues gaining popularity, organizations increasingly turn to cloud services to store and process their data. However, with this increased reliance on cloud services comes a heightened risk of data breaches and cyber attacks, making cloud security a critical concern for businesses of all sizes.

To address these concerns, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a code of practice for information security controls for cloud services–ISO 27017. This standard provides guidelines and general principles for securing cloud-based systems and protecting against potential security threats.

This article will explore the critical components of ISO 27017 and their importance in securing cloud-based systems. We will also discuss some of the best practices for implementing ISO 27017 in your organization and the benefits that it can provide. Finally, we will examine some challenges organizations may face when implementing ISO 27017 and guide them on overcoming them.


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