Dark Data Is Hurting Your Cyber Security

Dark data doesn’t just cost organizations money; it also damages their cybersecurity and compliance postures

Server rooms filled with digital files may look neater than the paper file rooms of old, but they’re not necessarily more organized, and “dark data” lurks around every corner. Sixty percent of respondents to a survey by big data software vendor Splunk admitted that more than half of their organizations’ data is dark, and one-third put that figure at over 75%. (Not surprisingly, the majority also said that the phrase “data-driven” amounted to little more than lip service within their enterprises.)

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NIST IoT Security Guidelines Draft Up for Comment

NIST’s “core baseline” for IoT security is aimed at device manufacturers

From refrigerators and doorbells to insulin pumps and heart monitors, a growing number of devices are being connected to wireless networks. IoT devices offer a world of convenience and benefits, from a homeowner being able to monitor their property while at work to a doctor being able to monitor a patient’s response to a treatment regimen. However, they also open a Pandora’s box of cyber security threats, a situation exacerbated by the absence of any uniform set of IoT security standards for smart device manufacturers to follow.

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