Plagiarism, Authority, and Trust on the Internet


Plagiarism isn’t new, and the proliferation of shady websites and questionable decisions from search engine giant Google has led to sinister and sometimes silly evolutions in what fraudsters can do with the theft of someone’s intellectual property.

According to Plagiarism Daily, we’re seeing a new outgrowth of plagiarism creep up on us. Gone are the days of spam sites stuffed with keywords and ungrammatical sentences. They’ve been replaced with more advanced (but still awful and questionably innovative) AI and web scraping techniques. Every day, business owners and content creators find their online IP stolen and used for the benefit of some scummy organization that, if they are lucky, can be stopped before they steal their money and reputation outright.

Unfortunately, we learned the lessons of plagiarism the hard way when we discovered that another company had lifted our content and business IP. While that’s a major nuisance for us as a company, it also implies some serious issues that could be coming to the security industry if we aren’t careful.


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