Government Ransomware Is Everyone’s Problem

The word “ransomware” has become synonymous with the healthcare industry, but government ransomware attacks are a growing threat. Over the past year, the healthcare industry has been battered by an epidemic of ransomware attacks. The problem has become so ubiquitous that it is making their way into works of fiction: A ransomware attack on a… Read More

Doxware Takes Ransomware to the Next Level

Doxware Leaks Your Private Data if You Don’t Pay the Ransom Ransomware began grabbing headlines about a year ago, after Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid hackers thousands of dollars in ransom after it got locked out of its systems. This large payday apparently encouraged hackers to keep going; a recent survey showed that about half… Read More

Yahoo Hack Was the Result of Years of Poor Cyber Security Practices

For Years, Yahoo Put Usability Ahead of Cyber Security The massive Yahoo data breach, which compromised 500 million user accounts and has put its planned acquisition by Verizon at risk, happened because the company repeatedly put product user experience ahead of security, the New York Times reports: Six years ago, Yahoo’s computer systems and customer… Read More