Security audit done the same old way?

Still doing security audit and compliance assessments the same old way? The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Data breaches are occurring at an alarming and escalating rate despite the traditional assessment methodology and  tools. It’s time to shake up and wake up the cyber security… Read More

Reactive -vs- Proactive Impact

The impacts of Reactive -vs- Proactive cyber security is very real! Reactive -vs- Proactive; is there really a benefit to business? After correlating years worth of industry data the business and consumer impacts are quite clear but illustrating this information is difficult. We have created this infographic to help you make the business case for… Read More

Senior IT Auditor: Lazarus Alliance Employment Opportunity

We are excited that you are interested in this Lazarus Alliance Employment Opportunity. Please review these position highlights and complete the form below to initiate your consideration for employment. Job Location: Candidates must be United States citizens and reside within the continental United States to be considered. Job Responsibilities: In this position, you will be responsible… Read More