Free HIPAA Awareness & Compliance Survey

Free HIPAA Awareness & Compliance Survey

If you are in the healthcare business you have HIPAA compliance requirements to adhere to. Maybe you are not aware of what they are or maybe you just want to gauge your organization’s readiness prior to seeking professional help? We have provided a short survey quiz that will give you a score and some suggestions. The HIPAA Awareness & Compliance Survey helps to determine your office’s degree of HIPAA compliance and awareness.
Free HIPAA Awareness & Compliance Survey
Our free HIPAA survey takes just a minute or two to get your score.

If you’d rather discuss HIPAA, HITECH, NIST 800-66 and Meaningful Use Audits; we are ready when you are. Lazarus Alliance is completely committed to you and your business’ HIPAA Audit, HITECH, NIST 800-66 and Meaningful Use audit success. Regardless of whether you represent the private sector or the public sector, we stand ready to partner with your organizations.

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If your business handles PHI, proof of security and compliance must be made available for review by auditors. Noncompliance can result in harsh legal actions and possible fines. Lazarus Alliance Proactive Cyber Security™ audit and compliance services ensures security and privacy by providing a detailed risk analysis, security assessment and guidance by our team of Cybervisors™ . We’ll help you proactively track and manage compliance artifacts and because we leverage the power of the IT Audit Machine (ITAM)™ our solution is constantly updated with the latest compliance requirements.

Lazarus Alliance creates sustainable HIPAA Audit, HITECH, NIST 800-66 and Meaningful Use audit  partnerships with our clients. We have a proven methodology and project plan that helps our clients achieve compliance on budget and on schedule. You will come to appreciate our ServiceIntegrity and Reliability which will be apparent to you from the very first call.

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