Millions affected in federal cyber security breach

Source: KPNX

Millions affected in federal cyber security breach

As a cyber-security expert and CEO of Lazarus Alliance, Michael Peters’ job is to find gaps in his client’s security and close them off.

It looks as though Uncle Sam could have used his help. “This is extremely valuable reconnaissance information,” said Peters.

Chinese hackers are suspected in the massive data cyber security breach affecting four million former and current federal employees.

In Arizona alone, there are 88,000 workers.

Names, birth dates and social security numbers are all part of the compromised personal information. “Identity theft, that will be part of the package. That will get sold off in darknets,” Peters said.

The real goal many people believe is to use confidential information and clearances to get inside the government.

Senator Ron Wyden, an Intelligence Committee member had this to say, “I continue to feel it is very important that we ramp up our efforts to go after foreign hackers and foreign threats.”

Still, what stuck out to several politicians and cyber experts, including Peters, was the federal government’s lack of cyber protection.

“No encryption, no multi-factor authentication,” said Peters. When asked if he was shocked by the lack of security tools he said, “At this state absolutely.”

Peters says both are common tools used to add extra layers of authentication and security.

He believes had they been in place, the breach could have been protected altogether.

“These are fundamental, you cannot go without, so why we’re talking about this still in the federal space, that’s a real problem.”

Several federal employees told 12 News, while they’re concerned about their information, they’re waiting to hear more from the government.

They all plan to keep an eye on their accounts and credit reports.


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