Reactive -vs- Proactive Impact

The impacts of Reactive -vs- Proactive cyber security is very real! Reactive -vs- Proactive; is there really a benefit to business? After correlating years worth of industry data the business and consumer impacts are quite clear but illustrating this information is difficult. We have created this infographic to help you make the business case for… Read More


IMPRESSUM STATEMENT CONTACT AND REGULATORY INFORMATION Impressum Statement: Founded in 2000, Lazarus Alliance has been passionately on the cutting edge of IT security, risk, privacy, governance, cyberspace law and compliance leadership, innovation and services provided to the global community. With significant contributions and innovations such as the IT Audit Machine, The Policy Machine, Cybervisor, ContinuumGRC,… Read More

Is Anyone Exempt From Cyber Crime Anymore?

Is Anyone Exempt From Cyber Crime Anymore? With a show of those virtual hands, who has been notified by their credit card company about their personal information being exposed to cyber-crime? Now, with a show of those virtual hands; who has never been notified? If you think the problem is that cyber criminals are too… Read More