IT Audit & Compliance

Lazarus Alliance is Proactive Cyber Security because we build audit, compliance and regulatory maintenance plans that are successful through maintaining a persistent and collaborative assessment approach. Handling audit and compliance issues and maintaining the standards that Lazarus Alliance helps you achieve is an ongoing effort in order to stay current. Lazarus Alliance has an in-depth understanding of federal regulatory requirements, industry regulations, as well as the people, processes, and technologies required to help your company be successful.

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IT Risk Management

Organizations all around the world are suffering through cyber attacks; many unsuccessfully. Nation and corporate sponsored espionage and hacktivism is on the rise. Defending against today's cyber threat landscape requires a Proactive Cyber Security strategy, real-time approach to managing risk. In this fast evolving environment, the challenge is for private and public sector organizations to manage risk in the purest sense - by making informed, predictive, risk-based decisions rather than implementing controls in a reactive manner.

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IT Policies & Governance

Rules, laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and procedures; It's governance that serves as the foundation for ALL Proactive Cyber Security programs by outlining the structure, authority, and processes needed to execute the organization's cyber security mission. Effective governance stems from a clearly defined governance structure, stratification of authority, defined and well-communicated policies and the supporting processes critical to enabling the program and Lazarus Alliance delivers this through our leading edge technology and progressive services.

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TakeDownCon 2015 Keynote Address

We are honored that our CEO Michael Peters was invited to EC Counsel’s TakeDownCon as keynote speaker for the 2015 event. This year’s theme is “Building the Cyber Briefcase: From Binary to the Boardroom”. Discussions will cover the various tools, skills, and experience a CISO needs to build and run a successful information security program. EC-Council’s […]

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