Who Performs SOC 2 Audits? The Importance of Cybersecurity Expertise in Auditing

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Service Organization Control (SOC) audits exist to demonstrate a business or other organization’s readiness in areas like cybersecurity, risk management, data management and other areas. These certifications, especially from SOC 2 audits,  are highly sought-after because they show how dedicated your organization is to the safety and security of user data. These audits, conducted by certified SOC auditors, are intended to be a thorough and rigorous examination of your capabilities and how they promote guiding principles of security, privacy and confidentiality. 

Because of the licensing and authorization structure of the SOC auditing ecosystem, however, it is sometimes difficult to understand the capabilities of an auditor. Even now, some firms advertise SOC 2 audits that take as little as 2-4 weeks! 

This article attempts to dispel the myth of a rapid SOC 2 audit, and why working with trained and dedicated security firms supports better cybersecurity practices. 

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The Impact of COVID-19 on SOC 2 Attestation

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COVID-19 has changed how we work, and as the first third of 2021 comes and goes many IT and cloud companies have adapted. However, companies that still need to undergo SOC 2 attestation, or who still have not done so for one reason or another, might find the current challenges of auditing and compliance under pandemic restrictions intimidating. 

Here, we’ll discuss an overview of some of the challenges that might come up during SOC 2 attestation during COVID-19. Rather than seeing these challenges as hopeless, we believe that, with the right security partner, they are easily dealt with as part of getting back to business. 


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What Managed Service Providers Should Know About SOC Compliance

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Some security regulations and recommendations, like FedRAMP, FIPS, or HIPAA, are required of any managed service providers working in specific industries like government or healthcare. Others, like Service Organization Control (SOC) compliance, are not always necessary but help demonstrate that security controls are in place to protect client data. Because of this fact, they are an essential part of an MSPs auditing structure.

Learn more about why your MSP should be using SOC auditing and compliance as part of its business model.

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