RegTech Eases Compliance Costs & Strengthens Cyber Security

RegTech Simplifies Governance, Risk, and Compliance As compliance costs skyrocket, standards grow increasingly complex, and the cyber threat environment evolves, organizations are turning to RegTech solutions to automate their compliance processes and improve their overall cybersecurity posture. Compliance with regulatory and industry standards, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, and SSAE 16 SOC reporting, are… Read More

What a Trump Administration Means for Cyber Security

What will the state of cyber security look like under the Donald Trump administration? The election is over, the votes have been counted, and thankfully, other than a few isolated reports of malfunctioning voting machines, Election Night was unremarkable from a cyber security perspective. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to President Elect Donald… Read More

Why Excel is so Old-School and how to be Cool-School

We get it. We completely understand why you still use Excel as an assessment and audit tool. We suffered through it just the same but we believe that working smarter and not harder which is why we invented ITAM. The IT Audit Machine (ITAM) is the patent pending, industry changing assessment questionnaire creation tool designed… Read More