What Is the Europrivacy Hybrid Certification Model?

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GDPR has needed a centralized assessment and certification model for some time now. Still, with the plethora of certifications and standards covering different business contexts, there has yet to be a single approach that has risen to the top of the heap. However, the governing bodies of GDPR have authorized the new Europrivacy standard to forego this certification balkanization in favor of a new, hybrid process.


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Do GDPR Regulations Apply to Businesses in the U.S.?

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With the growth of the EU as an economic power, businesses in the United States are working to make headway into this lucrative commercial market. However, they are rapidly learning that the IT and data-driven practices standard in the U.S. will not stand in the GDPR-regulated European Union. 

There are some basic preparations that any U.S. business must undertake even to consider getting ready for business in the EU. 


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