NIST Proposes Stronger Cyber Standards for Defense Contractors

Proposed Supplement to NIST 800-171 Addresses Advanced Persistent Threats Targeting Defense Contractors U.S. defense contractors are being heavily targeted by foreign cybercriminals. An internal Navy cyber security audit ordered after a series of successful breaches of Navy contractors revealed an agency in complete cyber chaos “in ways few appreciate, fewer understand, and even fewer know… Read More

NIST Issues Guidance for Medical IoT Device Security

As the popularity of medical IoT devices grows, so do security vulnerabilities. There are more connected devices than there are humans on Earth. Organizations have been as quick to embrace the Internet of Things as consumers have, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Medical IoT devices have exploded in popularity and grown in complexity.… Read More

The WPA3 WiFi Security Standard: What Your Enterprise Needs to Know

Your Guide to the New WPA3 WiFi Security Standard According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, there are now more IoT devices than there are humans on Earth, and over 50% of internet traffic travels through wireless networks. As people’s dependence on connected devices has grown, free public WiFi has become insanely popular, but it’s also insanely… Read More