Are Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Still a Threat?

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Man-in-the-Middle attacks, where a malicious actor secretly intercepts and possibly alters the communication between two unsuspecting parties, have significantly escalated with digital connectivity and remote work surge. While the attack method is not new, its implications have grown in magnitude in the era of widespread digital transformation.

Modern businesses, from multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises, are constantly targeted by MitM attacks, often needing their knowledge. Consequently, vital data is compromised, financial losses are incurred, and trust is eroded. These scenarios underscore the urgency for organizations to understand and take preventative measures against MitM attacks.

This article discusses MitM attacks, how they operate, and why they’ve become a critical concern for contemporary businesses. We will also explore various preventive strategies organizations can deploy to safeguard against these invisible yet potent threats.


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