The California Delete Act and CCPA Privacy Law

CCPA data delete act featured

Companies and data brokers, armed with sophisticated data collection techniques, amass vast amounts of personal data, often without the explicit consent or awareness of the individuals concerned. The urgency of the matter has propelled jurisdictions worldwide to enact stringent data protection laws. 

This article explores a new development in privacy law: the Data Delete Act. This law is just one in a longer (but recent) history of laws that include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Here, we’ll discuss the law, its relationship to more extensive privacy regulations, and what best practices affected organizations can take to comply with it. 


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Advanced Threat Techniques: Living off the Land

living off the land featured

In an era where cybersecurity threats continuously evolve, organizations face many challenges to secure digital assets. Among these threats, a sophisticated and stealthy approach known as Living Off the Land (LotL) attacks has emerged, leaving a minimal footprint and often evading traditional security measures. 

This article discusses Living Off the Land attacks, highlighting real-world case studies from notorious APTs, and offering suggestions on how organizations can address these threats.


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Secure Data Sharing and Compliance Frameworks

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Several prominent security frameworks and regulations have been established to guide organizations through this intricate landscape. These range from international standards like ISO/IEC 27001 to more sector-specific regulations such as HIPAA for healthcare and PCI DSS for payment data.

 This article delves into these pivotal frameworks and how they speak to secure data sharing between parties and organizations, exploring their key components related to secure data sharing and offering insights into their application in diverse operational contexts. 


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