Risk Management, Cybersecurity and Visualization

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We started our series on risk management a few weeks ago by introducing the concept of risk. One of the general stereotypes about risk is that it lacks some discreteness of security compliance–it doesn’t lend itself to checklists or paint-by-numbers approaches. This is, overall, a good thing, but can prove challenging for enterprises not ready for it. 

Here, we wanted to discuss something that many don’t associate with risk management–visualization and analytics. While risk is a human-driven process overall, decision-makers would do well with a set of easily digestible information to help foreground risk as a measurable process.


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Why Consider Standards-Based Risk Management?

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We’ve previously discussed the importance of risk management, and the challenges that come from approaching risk through large-scale frameworks. According to an abstract framework, many organizations aren’t necessarily equipped to mobilize far-ranging risk assessments. 

Here, we’ll discuss a compromise to combine the best of both worlds: standards-based risk management.


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What Are the Problems with Risk Management? 

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In our previous article, we discussed the concept of risk management–what it is and why it’s important. 

However, risk management in cybersecurity isn’t new, and many organizations are working towards normalizing risk as an approach for comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance efforts. 

While this move is a good one, we also find that many organizations will over-rely on frameworks as an end-all, be-all approach to security, which can prove more confusing than helpful. 


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