Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology in NIST Special Publication 800-82

NIST 800-82 featured

In the world of industrial operations and automation, two acronyms often surface in conversations around process control and cybersecurity: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technologies (OT). This article aims to demystify the differences between ICS and OT, examining their unique characteristics, roles, and the critical importance of each in our increasingly connected and automated industrial landscape. Specifically, we’ll cover how a new revision to NIST 800-82 has moved from ICS to full-blown OT security and best practices. 


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Cybersecurity and Operational Technology

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Not all technology is created equal, even if it all seems to serve the same function. Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are two particular strains of digital systems that, while seemingly similar, serve radically similar functions for an organization. That being said, IT and OT are merging due in no small part to industrial applications of IoT technology. But as these traditionally separate domains integrate, they also bring forward a unique array of cybersecurity risks and organizational challenges. 


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