Dark Data Is Hurting Your Cyber Security

Dark data doesn’t just cost organizations money; it also damages their cybersecurity and compliance postures Server rooms filled with digital files may look neater than the paper file rooms of old, but they’re not necessarily more organized, and “dark data” lurks around every corner. Sixty percent of respondents to a survey by big data software… Read More

NIST IoT Security Guidelines Draft Up for Comment

NIST’s “core baseline” for IoT security is aimed at device manufacturers From refrigerators and doorbells to insulin pumps and heart monitors, a growing number of devices are being connected to wireless networks. IoT devices offer a world of convenience and benefits, from a homeowner being able to monitor their property while at work to a… Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Organization from Insider Attacks

The recent Capital One breach illustrates the dangers of insider attacks There are many takeaways for organizations and security professionals from the recent Capital One data breach, which compromised sensitive data belonging to some 100 million customers. Among these is the clear and present danger that insider attacks pose to enterprise cyber security. As Capital… Read More