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See why these companies chose Lazarus Alliance for their cyber security, governance, risk, and compliance needs. We think you will too once you get to know more about us and our amazing paradigm changing services and technology.

See why these success story companies chose Lazarus Alliance for their governance, risk and compliance needs. We think you will too!

CBX Software chose Lazarus Alliance for our SOC 2 audit services over many other global competitors we evaluated because of the value proposition and reputation they bring to the table. While competitive pricing was important to us, we wanted to build a long term partnership with a firm that possessed great rapport with our team, had real technology platform (ITAM versus the spreadsheet) to make our compliance work sustainable and smart, and provided the support we need to facilitate our strategic business requirements. – E.L. – VP, Business Development


Your organization understands security extremely well, so much so that I refer security work to Lazarus Alliance. I like to think we can work together in the future and I have recommended you to others. You have a series of services and expertise. There are a lot of firms out there that are not as astute from a business perspective as well as a technical perspective as your firm. – L.E. – Co-Founder, Ekman Associates


They were able to understand in a deep level how we operate internally and how we deal with our clients from a data perspective, and really were able to assess what we need to do to ensure that not only today, but moving forward, we remain secure and also, more importantly, the information we store for our clients remain secure as well. J. B. – CISO, ITG


Lazarus Alliance Cybervisors and assessors expertise exceeds anything we have experienced before hands-down. I’ve worked with other so-called experts over the years and you guys outshine them all with the depth of knowledge and talent brought to the table. A.K. – Director of Information Security and Technology, Improvement Path Systems


The Lazarus Alliance team are a extremely professional, reliable and knowledgeable resource for cyber-security expertise and guidance. They provided my office with a HIPAA report and assessment that was extremely helpful, detailed and reassuring. Highly recommended! K.S MD


When we switched from our previous assessor to Lazarus Alliance, it was a “Night and Day” difference! Lazarus Alliance’s proactive cyber security methodology brought our audit and compliance assessments out of the “Stone Age” and into the new modern millennium. What a huge difference. T.R. – Technology Manager, CrossView


Your library of policies and procedures are comprehensive. And the method that you helped us customize those for clients is the best I’ve seen; especially with your IT Audit Machine (ITAM) questionnaire creation tool. M.B. – CEO, Advisor Armor

Success stories from Lazarus Alliance. See why these companies chose Lazarus Alliance.

PluriME had been looking for a premier PCI partner and Lazarus Alliance was recommended to us by a trusted colleague.  We received only the very best care and support and would recommend Lazarus Alliance to anyone looking to up their PCI/digital cyber security.  Highly recommended! R.S. – CEO

Success stories from Continuum GRC. See why these companies chose Continuum GRC.

It was a snap doing the risk assessment. I liked the radio buttons and answer option choices given. Uploading the required evidence documents was quite easy and there were no hiccoughs with that process. Overall, it was easy to use. M.D. – Legal Metasource

See why these success story companies chose Lazarus Alliance for their governance, risk and compliance needs. We think you will too!

As a small business, ProCo takes great pride in securing our clients’ data to the maximum degree. Lazarus Alliance has worked with our personnel to complete an extensive program to secure our process and technology in a cost efficient manner. B.C – CEO, ProCo

See why these success story companies chose Lazarus Alliance for their governance, risk and compliance needs. We think you will too!